A New Site


Greets Kin! I have updated the website so that it is iOS compatible as well as having more flexibility and ease to update the site more. I will be adding misc. things to the Kin page from EQ presets for the Waves H-EQ to Circuit Bent sounds. All FREE to download. I will be adding a special room for Twitch followers with more content but only for -you-. If enough people want a forum I will add it as well, it would be password protected & you’d have to use your producer name…no anonymity, that invites trouble. I will be adding a Mash Up a week until I get tired of it lol. Of course they will be free to download, in fact there is already one there now…

Btw, the album is finished & I am waiting to have it mastered by a producer who I accidentally found & I can’t believe my luck. The live set is also finished & I am preparing gigs atm.

Lastly, I have been away from Twitch way too long & I will be coming back soon with feedback & showcasing. Over the next few months I will also be on randomly throughout the week working on the new album that will be a collaboration with Twitch producers/viewers from all over the world. I am very excited for this project. I will update the website when I figure out a day, I hope to see you in the chat room !