Podcast & Twitch

I started the podcast, “The Dark Side Of The Tune” with a local comedian Iceberg about the dark side of the music industry. Of course we add our own comedic take on each situation. You can find our temporary podcast home @ The Dark Side Of The Tune our 1st episode is about Phil Spector, the man behind the wall of sound. We will be moving to iTunes & rss feeders soon. The next episode should be out around Wednesday.

My internet is a bit wonky still, for those of you who were at my Thursday show I am still having the same problem of my Upload time being next to nill while my download time is perfectly fine. I have contacted my ISP & they are coming by Tuesday to see what is wrong. If all goes well I will be back on this coming Thursday the 9th. I will also be starting the show at 11am (pst/pdt) due to our time change, all that means is that  I should be on at 8pm around most of EU.