The Wheels On The Buss..

Go round and round… Here is an idea of what all I did incorrectly and WHY I took down my album from SC. I am just being transparent and showing that we all make mistakes, even lots of small ones that equal out to a shitty mix.

First off I updated to Ableton 10 and just took for granted that it would work the same as 9 but with a few cool tweaks. One thing is false volume output if a track is muted as well as some of the vst’s act a little different in 10.

Secondly, I did not correctly do signal summing when I would put various tracks into a Buss (Drums, Bass line, Leads, etc.) as well as just plain forgetting to turn on some effects. Due to this I have severely changed how I interact with Live, using my mouse, synth, & Logitech key mapper so that I am not deleting or changing anything without intentionally doing it. I have almost stopped using a keyboard, most of the time it is just to input text.

I also did not check my mixes on other speakers & headphones… as of now I switch between my studio speakers & my headphones, when I am close to finishing I will test them on other various speakers/headphones. Due to not checking my mixes they were WAY too bright and the reverb sends were too loud.

Because my Drum Buss was a complete disaster I never had a chance to properly mix from the beginning, but I also hadn’t checked on my “mastering” chain and didn’t realize my exciter vst had reset itself and was making the mix even harsher… So I had “Set Myself Up To Fail” which I have talked to a lot of you about trying your best to NOT do that. Luckily I have found my errors and I am fixing them…hopefully by this weekend I will have the reworked versions up on SC.

I have to admit, I learned so much from the conception of this album, but I am ready to move onto my many other projects/songs that are still waiting to be finished.

On a positive note I have saved almost all of my personal presets to the effects I used on the album, as well as the synths that I have programmed myself. Not sure what I will do with them yet.