Fract’ured & Twitching

I had been looking for an artist to do some abstract work for my album and each song. Unfortunately nothing worked out and out of frustration I downloaded a few Fractal making programs and went to dabbling.

I ended up using one that lets you go very deep into the mathematical structure of each fractal as well as the ability to render video. So to the deep end I dove into the fractal program and unexpectedly I was making fantastic abstract art that was beginning to look like what I wanted in the beginning.

After 2 weeks of fiddling around and tightening up the fractals I rendered them and then cleaned them up and added text… which upped my Photoshop skills quickly, many thanks to my Graphics Art teacher Mr. Garcia (many many moons ago), I was able to remember some of the basics and it made the process much easier.

Here is the final version of each song and the album uploaded to SoundcCloud:

I am streaming again on Twitch starting June 24th and in a few weeks I will be uploading tutorial videos to YouTube again, going to try to do 2-3 a week with a linear type timeline so that the viewer can learn on their own time and not get lost in the YT algorithm.

Lastly, I am finished with the live set for the album (about 45 mins) and will be adding 2 more tracks to make it an hour and I am setting up gigs. If you know of a bar/club/promoter that may like my music feel free to email me: