New Year, New Site

With the finalization of the album Deep Into The Night I will be updating the site. My plan is to have a new song & video out every week. This includes my upcoming Melodic Dubstep E.P. D&A and the Psy remix album of Deep Into The Night.

So I am hoping to have 17+ tracks come out consecutively. This is not counting any remixes I put out as well. Each track will be on Soundcloud and Youtube as well as Bandcamp (which will be open within a few weeks).

As far as future gigs, I am being very picky with what events I perform at due to Covid. I happily continue to work with Meladi on the monthly Bakersfield Ecstatic Dance and will definitely be performing at EveryWhen this October.

Last years premiere event was Fantastic and I am excited to work on sound & perform with The Savage Island crew.

More to be announced soon!