City 404

Chill Downtempo with an Ever Changing Melody that Infuses Deep Dub Basslines & a Triphop Melancholic Feel.

City 404 is the 1st song from the album Deep Into The Night.

The story behind City 404:

1958, a secret city not found on any map was built in China for one purpose… to house an atom bomb. With no real name for the city due to secrecy it was just called Code:404. The city grew as more people were hired for various jobs to tend to the scientists and military. Thus adding more and more buildings to house and work. Eventually it became a small city with it’s own tv station and prison, but it stayed a secret.

Unfortunately for the citizens of 404, the ground under the city started to cave in. As time passed the cave ins became more and more severe leaving the citizens to have to relocate. The city went from 100,000+ citizens to only 1000 by 2006.
Most of the city has been reclaimed by nature as vegetation and native animals take over the now empty buildings.