Book Studio Time

Booking studio time can be hit or miss with a lot of genres. Do they know your genre? Do they care? Or will they mix your House track like a Blues band because that’s their wheel house they feel comfortable in? This happens all too often, especially when dealing with local studios who only work on R&R/Punk/Country…which in all honesty is most of the studios in any city.

Luckily in this time producers, bands, & mc’s can now work online with other studios around the world and still get quality recordings & mixes.

At Deep Blue Studios (dBs) I have spent most of my adult life:

Producing many genres of electronic music and learning the intricacies of each

Perfecting my mixing & mastering processes

Remixing producers & bands from all over

Opening my world to many different Keys/Modes of music so that I can work more flexibly with other artists as well as appreciate how flexible music really is

Teaching others through tutorship and Twitch for over 10 years

With these qualifications I believe I can give you the recording or mix you are searching for.


As a musician and producer I know the pitfalls of mixing a song… It’s intimidating, so much to know and remember, then there’s the artistic part. Shit gets overwhelming quickly.

That’s where I can help! I have been working on mixing and mastering long enough to be able to nimbly work with most genres and know the little intricate parts that make a sub-genre what it is. I’d never mix a Funk House track like I would Dark Jungle.

It’s about the depth, texture, width, clarity, energy, but most of all…the feeling.

There are 2 ways I can mix your song(s):

  1. Multi-Tracking every individual sound. This takes longer, but eqing/compression/reverb can be more precise to give the track more room overall.
  2. 5-6 STEM mixing. The Band/Producer sends 5-6 consolidated tracks in this order. Drums – Bass – Percussion – Leads – Vocals – Backing Vox, FX, Rhythm. This usually is faster but not as flexible. It is up to you on whether reverb/delay is already in the stems or added in post production.

All I need from you is:

  1. A demo of your song in .wav or .aiff
  2. Text file with Sub Genre Name, BPM, & Key (any accidentals/changes)
  3. Reference track(s) for what your looking for from your song(s)
  4. Renders of Multitrack or 5-6 Stem
  5. If reverb or delay needs to be added to part(s)

Once I have a working “Demo” mix down I will send it to you for any changes. Then when I am finished with the mix I will send it 1x more for any revisions. After the final revision I will send the song(s) back at as a .wav or .aiff 24 bit file peaking at -6dB (with no limiter or compression on main out) so they can be properly mastered.


Does your song need a blazing saxophone? Or maybe some back up singers to add some texture to the main vocals? Maybe even a kazoo in a glass of water? Ok, maybe not the kazoo part, but over the years I have met many local talented musicians & singers who are ready to make your song or album the best it can be.

All I need from you is:

  1. A demo of your song in .wav or .aiff
  2. Text file with BPM – Key (any accidentals/changes) – Where the part(s) are to be in the song
  3. Reference track(s) for what your looking for from the performer
  4. Sheet Music (if possible) or if the musician/singer will be improvising

After the recording session(s) you will then be sent the parts as a demo to ensure it’s what your looking for. If needed, changes will be made1x. After this process the final product will be sent as a .wav/.aiff/and .mp3 if needed

The pricing for each musician/singer is different and 100% up to the artist. I will not receive a cut of their budget. Once the recording is sent you own 100% of the sample(s) and can do what you please –within the song you sent– Any remixes or use on other works you will have to contact me to work out a payment or revised contract.

To contact me for booking studio time please email me at