As I Travel Along The Green Line

Melodic Dubstep with Heavy Bass, Folktronica Leads, and Psychedelic Vocals.

 As I Travel Along The Green Line is the 4th song from the album Deep Into The Night.

Following a 10+ year long war, In 1974 a cease fire between Turkey & Greece had begun on the island of Cyprus. To keep the factions separate a 112 mile long “demilitarized” zone was made. This line cut off access to some cities and towns and at times even cut through homes.

The demilitarized line meant that no one would could live in that area. Over the years the native vegetation and animals began to take over this unkept land leaving a green trace like line that unknowingly imitates the green line that General Young drew on the map of Cyrus with a green chinagraph pencil.

Deep Into The Night Of Malagasy

Mid-Tempo Neo Pirate Shanty with Heavy Bass and Thunderous Leads.

Deep Into The Night Of Malagasy is the 3rd song from the album Deep Into The Night.

When I produced this song I imagined it as the theme for when a clueless band of pirates or military run ashore and think they can easily take over the island in the middle of a moonless night… As they go deeper into the alien like vegetation, they quickly realize they were wrong.

Malagasy (now known as Madagascar) was an unattainable island that many a pirate and military captain wanted to conquer and use as a trading hub of spices and slaves.

But the people of Malagasy had another idea, and that was to keep the island as it was. The natives were formidable fighters and kept both the military and pirate ships at bay.

The unworldly native plants and animals of Malagasy also kept many a superstitious person away, for fear of being cursed by an unknown spirit or killed by a hideous creature.

A Quiet War

Everyone has their own quiet war…
Vocals: BeBe

Midtempo Dance Track with Strong Psy Leads, Deep Thundering Bass, and Haunting Vocals Perfect for a Transformative Festival.

A Quiet War is the 2nd song from the album Deep Into The Night.