#1 When sculpting basslines remember this golden rule… “Make it in MONO”, to ensure that the bass volume is the same on both speakers to keep it’s energy going. You can layer another sound over the bassline transposed an octave or more and have it in stereo to give the effect that the bassline is one big sound (and in stereo) when in reality all the bass tones are mono. This is also because most clubs/festivals have their sound set up for the bass to be in mono. If your bassline is in stereo and then turned into mono it can do something called “Phasing” where the sound will cut out at time (or completely cut out) as well as sounding “hollow”.

#2 If your Kick is not being heard over the bassline try using a “side compressor” to let the kick stick out the way you want it to be heard. Just be careful with making that “breathing” type of sound, unless it is what you want, just know if you have too much breathing your probably taking out most of the basslines energy.