Prince…. nuff said

I am happy to announce that our iTunes feed for The Dark Side Of The Tune podcast is updated and with in this week Stitcher & Google Player will be updated as well. -But- I highly recommend trying Podbean app, it works great and had a better search engine then the others. You can also listen to the podcast on our page. Here is episode #28 Prince. CT3 gets real about Kendrick Lamar, Iceberg calls Cat Protection Services on Joseph while Joseph dies on air (not really, but close). I coulda kept the coughing fit out, but dammit if the guys weren’t funny as hell the whole time so I kept it in… You’re welcome.

Lil Mac Peep Daddy

This weeks episode of The Dark Side Of The Tune podcast is out and we talk about Mac Daddy (Kriss Kross) & Lil Peep. Iceberg can’t make the show, Joseph breaks his arm after patting his own back over Kanye, & CT3 breaks into his sports caster persona. We also have a killer song from Hikikomori all the way from Maryland.

Stay In Your Layne

This weeks episode of The Dark Side Of The Tune podcast is out.. We talk about the bad ass singer Layne Staley. Iceberg wakes up half way through the show, CT3 is prepared, and Joseph makes everyone sad. Also, we are now live on Canoodle every Sunday at noon https://www.facebook.com/canoodlestudios.

In Sid Out

This weeks episode is out. We don’t hold back on the drug fueled world of Sid Vicious. Joseph can’t handle his beer, Iceberg forgets how to use a mic, & CT3 still believes in chivalry.
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Double Trouble

This weeks episode is 2 short stories in one podcast. We start with Faust & then talk about MC Big Lurch.. You probably shouldn’t eat while listening. Iceberg is honing his hosting skills, Joseph is still confused as to what PCP is, and CT3 is a good grandson.


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The Meek Shall Inherit…

This weeks episode of The Dark Side Of The Tune is out and it’s all about the studio wizard Joe Meek. Joseph Kinetic Distortion finally gets beeped, Iceberg is sleepy, and Curtis Taylor III is our new 3rd co-host! Let’s not forget the moment all 3 try to figure out how to chop up a body and put it in a suitcase…This is serious podcasting my friends.
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