Fly like an Eagle

Our newest episode of The Dark Side Of The Tune is out now. this episode is all about Glenn Frey of the band “Eagles”. We have a guest as well, J.D. the owner of Heliarc Records. This is the same label that Steve Beavers band “The ’08 Orchestra” is signed to. You can find our podcast on iTunes, Stitcher App, Google Play, Twitch, YouTube, and

I am polishing up my (smaller) live set up and hopefully will be ready by this weekend for both types of shows to perform live. I am also trying to figure out how I can perform live on Twitch with the viewers being able to see my production process in my DAW and talk about each song.

I will also be doing production streams soon now that I have free time and I am ready to work on some new projects… getting the next album set up with the producers I am collabing with as well as putting out some singles not associated with the albums.

Lastly I am looking through labels and festivals to see if my music fits in with them. I am looking forward to some new adventures and meeting great people from around the world.

New Years(ish)

So much updating here to do… I will be adding a forum soon in the Kin section where you can get free swag like effect settings, samples, tips, etc. This way I can keep in contact with everyone when I am not doing the show.

The album is finished! I have finished the mix down and had it mastered by Ascended Mastering which I am very happy with. If you need mastering services I highly recommend you check him out.

Almost finished with the live set, with the redo on the mix I had to redo everything for the live set except the lighting (thankfully). I am making a solo version and hopefully in a month I will have another producer or 2 helping with the live set. Both will have 2 versions 1 with the full drum set and 1 with the stand up drums.

The Dark Side Of The Tune podcast has been going great. The podcast is about the dark side of the music industry and we comment about it comically as I tell the story. We have 8 episodes up and this recent one will knock your socks off. The crazy part is that each story is all true. You can find the podcast at iTunes, Google Play, Stitcher App, Logamp, and Twitch (soon to be on Youtube). Please subscribe and tell your friends.

As for my Twitch show, I updated the camera set up with professional lighting and a green screen so I will be back to normal this coming Thur. doing feedback/showcasing as well as having the podcast on this Tue and in a few weeks I will start a monthly DJ show on the weekends. As soon as I get a date settled I’ll update everyone.

This is a new year, let’s take advantage of that.

Moving on up

Had a great Thanksgiving with Sarah, family, & friends.. Lots of yummy food and chill vibes not to mention a killer sale on Steam. Our podcast The Dark Side Of The Tune was accepted by iTunes and you can now find all episodes there. Please subscribe and rate it, we would be very grateful. I finally updated the info to Twitch to become an affiliate. This means that I can now get subscribers and viewers can donate “bits” when they want. When you subscribe you will get a 50% bump on being picked during music critiques-showcasing as well as monthly free content unavailable to non-subscribers. Subscribers that have 3 months will receive bonus sample packs every 3 months. I will be interviewed Sunday Nov 26th at Canoodle studios starting at 5pm (pdt/pst). If you can’t catch it live I will post a link to the interview when they send it to me. Lastly, I turned in the (hopefully) last version of my mix to my mastering engineer and I will post when the finished songs are up. I found my 1st version of the mix was too heavy and bright (my fault) and I am hoping I fixed it with the newest mix. Keep your fingers crossed! =)

New Episode

Our podcast “The Dark Side Of The Tune” has a new episode out:

We have added another co-host, Steve Beavers, who is also a local comedian & musician so he fits in perfectly with this podcast. We also started recording at my wife’s law firm so it is nice to get out of the studio 1x a week. This episode is pretty damn insane, with some twists you may not even see coming.

I added a sound pack to the Kin page. It is Barbie Karaoke Circuit Bent Drone sounds I made and they are free to download & use in your productions.

I have tested my internet every day & things look good for the stream tomorrow Twitch.TV/KineticDistortion I have a ton of topics to talk about & excited to hear your music. Hope to see you in the chat room.

Podcast & Twitch

I started the podcast, “The Dark Side Of The Tune” with a local comedian Iceberg about the dark side of the music industry. Of course we add our own comedic take on each situation. You can find our temporary podcast home @ The Dark Side Of The Tune our 1st episode is about Phil Spector, the man behind the wall of sound. We will be moving to iTunes & rss feeders soon. The next episode should be out around Wednesday.

My internet is a bit wonky still, for those of you who were at my Thursday show I am still having the same problem of my Upload time being next to nill while my download time is perfectly fine. I have contacted my ISP & they are coming by Tuesday to see what is wrong. If all goes well I will be back on this coming Thursday the 9th. I will also be starting the show at 11am (pst/pdt) due to our time change, all that means is that  I should be on at 8pm around most of EU.

A New Site


Greets Kin! I have updated the website so that it is iOS compatible as well as having more flexibility and ease to update the site more. I will be adding misc. things to the Kin page from EQ presets for the Waves H-EQ to Circuit Bent sounds. All FREE to download. I will be adding a special room for Twitch followers with more content but only for -you-. If enough people want a forum I will add it as well, it would be password protected & you’d have to use your producer name…no anonymity, that invites trouble. I will be adding a Mash Up a week until I get tired of it lol. Of course they will be free to download, in fact there is already one there now…

Btw, the album is finished & I am waiting to have it mastered by a producer who I accidentally found & I can’t believe my luck. The live set is also finished & I am preparing gigs atm.

Lastly, I have been away from Twitch way too long & I will be coming back soon with feedback & showcasing. Over the next few months I will also be on randomly throughout the week working on the new album that will be a collaboration with Twitch producers/viewers from all over the world. I am very excited for this project. I will update the website when I figure out a day, I hope to see you in the chat room !