Water Drop

Mid Tempo Broken Beat with Thick Basslines, Glitchy Leads, A Touch of Folktronica, and Playful Bouncy Rhythms.

Once there was a water drop who lived in a puddle hidden away in a dark alley of Tokyo.

The water drop yearned to be in Lake Motosuko were it could look at Mount Fuji all day with it’s friends he missed deeply.

The water drop defied the laws of the water god Suijin and it leapt back into a passing cloud that was going to the west… towards Mount Fuji!

Of course, rumors spread quickly in the clouds and Suijin was informed about the water drop breaking his laws. Suijin whisked away to the rouge water drop with the intent to fully punish it for daring to break HIS laws.

When Suijin arrived at the cloud his fury was written on his face. As Suijin went to grab the water drop he noticed a large shadow began to cover him. Suijin turned around to see all of the water drops in the cloud forming one giant angry water drop that was not about to see one of their own be punished.

Suijin realized his problems would only get worse if he were to punish the water drop. Remember, rumors spread quickly in the clouds…

He put down the defiant water drop and let the cloud go on its way to Lake Motosuko where the water drop happily lived with it’s friends and gazed upon Mount Fuji every day.

The Forgotten Ritual Of Puye

Mid Tempo Cinematic Breakbeat with Deep Spastic Basslines, Energetic Glitchy Leads, and Ethereal Vocals.

Puye is pure amalgamation of nature and man that started around the 900’s. Pueblo people came upon the high cliffs and realized the importance of this area. The stone that made up the cliff was strong, yet could be easily carved by simple tools.

Carving 173+ rooms, the Pueblo used them for sleeping, storage, and look outs for any danger. If enemies of any type were approaching the Pueblo people only need pull up their ladders to keep themselves safe.

When I composed this song I imagined being a young Pueblo child watching their tribe dance and sing around the fires at night as the endless stars shine and everything is magical at that moment.