I am currently going through my online mixes, tracks, etc. and cleaning up anything I think is old or just not up to par anymore. With that I deleted my mixes on Mixcloud and started over with a concept called “Variance”. I will make short 30 min sets, each will be a different genre/mixture of genres that are World influenced.

As I post this I have 2 mixes out:

Variance 01 – Ambient 7  Downtempo

Variance 02 – Dub

Enjoy and please spread the word!

Come To Gather

Come to Gather
Pop-Up Event
Calling all creatives, musicians, artists and dance lovers.
Let’s get to know each other.

What to expect:
You will come to a building, a hidden gem in Bakersfield, that can no longer be unseen.
You are invited into this space that is peaceful, open, safe and accepting.

This is a daytime family friendly event, bring your kids. See this space as a healthy outlet to gather that is not a bar or club scene. There will not be a bar or drinking in this setting.

Expect to be immersed in a fusion of vibrant sounds.

Outside will be an acoustic setting. Musicians, the outside space is for you to perform and express your art, sign up.

Inside DJs will be spinning ambient chill world music for you to groove to. 2:00-3:00 Open decks, send us a direct message about getting on.

Dance lovers, the inside space I call the “Dance Temple.” The flooring is firm carpet, you may want to remove your shoes in order to dance with more ease, (I know I’ll be barefoot) just a suggestion. Dancers you are welcome to bring your dance gear like a hola-hoop, dance staff, or poi (no fire please).

Artists, there will be a coloring table for you to enjoy!

Food, there will be bread and spreads provided for you to make a PBJ sandwich if you would like. Bring a snack for yourself or to share.

There is no cost for this event, but we will gladly accept any love offering donation you can provide for the use of the venue and creating the space.

Join. Discover. Come to Gather

Fract’ured & Twitching

I had been looking for an artist to do some abstract work for my album and each song. Unfortunately nothing worked out and out of frustration I downloaded a few Fractal making programs and went to dabbling.

I ended up using one that lets you go very deep into the mathematical structure of each fractal as well as the ability to render video. So to the deep end I dove into the fractal program and unexpectedly I was making fantastic abstract art that was beginning to look like what I wanted in the beginning.

After 2 weeks of fiddling around and tightening up the fractals I rendered them and then cleaned them up and added text… which upped my Photoshop skills quickly, many thanks to my Graphics Art teacher Mr. Garcia (many many moons ago), I was able to remember some of the basics and it made the process much easier.

Here is the final version of each song and the album uploaded to SoundcCloud:

I am streaming again on Twitch starting June 24th and in a few weeks I will be uploading tutorial videos to YouTube again, going to try to do 2-3 a week with a linear type timeline so that the viewer can learn on their own time and not get lost in the YT algorithm.

Lastly, I am finished with the live set for the album (about 45 mins) and will be adding 2 more tracks to make it an hour and I am setting up gigs. If you know of a bar/club/promoter that may like my music feel free to email me:

Into The Night

After a few weeks of restructuring some of the songs, as well as mixing (and mixing)  each track until they were just right, I finally have finished the album “Deep Into The Night”

Deep Into The Night is a World/Bass/Electronic album with a mixture of electronic and traditional instruments, as well as field recordings from around California.
Every song is set to a specific place on Earth with each having it’s own story, From the Pueblo Indians in New Mexico having a forgotten ritual, to the Malagasy fighting Pirates and Colonists.

You can check the album out at:

I also have finished the live set (basic form) with synced dmx lighting & lasers and will be adding projected visuals and 2 more songs soon. For now it’s time to start bugging promoters and club owners.