I am Kinetic Distortion, a Central California electronic music producer and dj of multiple genres.

I have been a live performer & dj for over 15 years all over California and Las Vegas at all types of parties from underground raves in the middle of the Mojave desert to massives and festivals for well known promoters: Jungle Boogie, Neo Sapiens, PWLY, K-Lin, Till Dawn, U Productions, and 1W1D just to name a few.

In 2001 I placed 2nd in a remix contest sponsored by mp3.com with the Groove Armada song, “I See You Baby”. Over the years I have done remixes for artists all over North America: Ayria (Toronto) “Be Me” Divider (CA) “Apathy” W.E. (CA) “Authentic” Zeitmal (CA) “Dont Be Afraid” Phunktards (VA) “Disco Is”, and Ursa M/m (CT) “Sets You Free”.

In 2013, I released a massively successful Future Jungle track called “Mic Check” on W.E. Recordings (sold on iTunes, Trackitdown, and Beatport, as well as other online distributors). Mic Check was also included in DJ Tariq’s “Deep in the Underground Show” on Nu Wave Radio in England. It has also garnered support from such DJ’s as CRS?, Dj Odi, Vinyl Junkie, RadioKillaz, Digitally Mashed, DJ Flashback, 601, and Rob Ceos!

Starting in January 2022 I will release my newest album called, “Deep Into The Night”. It is a World/Bass/Electronic album with a mixture of electronic and traditional instruments, as well as field recordings from around California.

Every song is set to a specific place on Earth with each having it’s own story, From a Pueblo Indian child in Puye, New Mexico watching a magical ritual that has long been forgotten, to the brave Malagasy people fighting Pirates and Colonists who want to take over their land for spices, colonization, and trade.


New projects are always welcome, of whatever stripe. Be it television, movies, video games, remixing, touring, producing, recording, djing, and performing. I am desirous of dipping into all aspects of the musical world.

To contact me for more information please e-mail me at KineticDistortion@gmail.com