#1 If you are working with vocals (and you should be) I must recommend Celemony’s Melodyne. You can quickly fix your vocalists mistakes and keep them in key, all while not giving that damn annoying Auto-Tune sound. You can do that sound with Melodyne if you do decide to… I do admit I use that effect for backing vox. Melodyne will make production much easier and the ability to work with vocals gives you a TON of tricks to add to your portfolio. You can also use melodyne for any type of recording from guitars to drums! You can buy different versions to fit your budget. Check them out at the Celemony Website.

#2 One reason that producers use vocal clips from movies is that a lot of actors use “timing” to say their lines. Because of this it is easier for a producer to place or cut up the vocal part and keep it on time with the music.