#1 I’ve noticed an alarming amount of producers and djs post a song or mix and they don’t write what genre it is. How can you create excitement for something if people don’t know what it is? If you post the genre as well people who are into that type of music are more apt to listen, otherwise they won’t take the time on a guess. Every song has some roots in a genre. If you give an idea of where the song is rooted it will give people more of an idea of where your coming from. If you think its too far out there just include “experimental” in the genre description. I know it can be hard to define something you’ve made, I run into it at times and just define it by its main theme(s). i.e. hard/gritty vs. Smooth, dance vs. Chill, main stream vs. Experimental. Even cross over explanations give great examples. Jungle and trip hop, BreakBeat drums with Trance Leads, or any combination you can think of.