Mental Health

#1 I am going to tell you some bad news, some very bad news. You are going to fail while producing music. Your going to fail badly in fact. And your going to fail a lot…and I mean A LOT. So much that your going to want to quit. If you did quit, in a way I fully understand. -BUT- realize this… You are human, your MEANT to fail! How the hell else will you figure out how to do it correctly and when to know it is done correctly?!?!?

I hated when I asked someone a question about mixing music/signal processing and they would just answer, “Do you like how it sounds?”. I always thought, “WTF! You just don’t want to tell me the secrets of mixing/signal processing and your going to hoard that information for yourself…..selfish dick.”

Then one day it clicked and I realized they were saying exactly what they meant. That made me see things in a whole new light with less stress and more enjoyment of producing. So when you are failing and you want to quit. Take a moment to remind yourself WHY your making music. Because you love to make it.. so if it sounds good to you, ENJOY and know your on a long beautiful but difficult path to get better and be able to then enjoy your music on an even higher level.