#1 Most DAW’s (Digital Audio Workstations) are pretty much about equal with clarity of audio. Especially if you turn off the “panning law” in FL Studio so you do not get that “FL” sound to your songs. So it really is up to what DAW you think caters to your style of producing.

I usually tell new producers to try out FL Studio and Ableton Live. FL is better for just producing but lately they have been working on live production abilities in its DAW. Ableton Live is pretty much the best live DAW to use for flexibility and not having to worry about unwanted glitches and problems. Ableton Live is a bit harder to figure out, but once you do you realize you can do way more then you can on FL Studio. Also FL studio does not have any compatibility with larger usb mixers so being able to progress with hardware on FL only goes so far.

Now, as far as Logic, Reason, Pro Tools, and all of the others… here is my quick breakdown of them. Logic = Perfect for Mac users but not great for live productions. Reason = Great for Moderate and higher producers. You can easily get lost in this DAW. Not good for live shows. Pro Tools = Great program for mixing down music and for Moderate and higher producers. Not great for live shows. The rest… Acid, Cakewalk, etc.. they are all fine, all have their pluses and minuses. I haven’t had the time to use all of them, I can only tell you what I have worked with. Take some time trying the demos out and go to your friends house that use any of these so you can see them up front. If your local music gear store has a good enough pro audio people you can pick there brains and have them show you what they use and why.