Deep Into…

After a lot of work and a ton of mistakes I have the album “Deep Into The Night” finished to the point I am happy enough to get it professionally mastered as well as setting up live performances.

Now that I have a more balanced mixing technique I will start work on the remixes as well as various singles I have been wanting to get out… Most of the singles (not the remixes) will be free to download.

I am still working on getting the Twitch stream back up and reaching out to producers for various projects.

You can check out the album at: Deep Into The Night


I pretty much hid myself in the studio for a month to rewire both studios so my work flow is improved and I can easily record anything on the fly. I am putting the finishing touches on the album “Deep Into The Night” which is a World-Bass Music mash up that is more Downtempo. I am also finishing up the live set for the album after I performed a few tests shows so I could get the bugs out of the system. I will be performing way more this year and I am hoping to get another 1-2 albums out this year since my mixing/mastering has improved ten-fold and I can finish a mix with more clarity in less time and with more confidence that the songs will be close to professional quality.

Side note: I am updating my Twitch stream and should be back online in a few weeks and back on track with streaming weekly. I have deleted the old Discord and twitch bots so that I know my internet security will be at 100% and I will not have to worry about ex mods trying to screw with the show as they did in the past.