The Wheels On The Buss..

Go round and round… Here is an idea of what all I did incorrectly and WHY I took down my album from SC. I am just being transparent and showing that we all make mistakes, even lots of small ones that equal out to a shitty mix.

First off I updated to Ableton 10 and just took for granted that it would work the same as 9 but with a few cool tweaks. One thing is false volume output if a track is muted as well as some of the vst’s act a little different in 10.

Secondly, I did not correctly do signal summing when I would put various tracks into a Buss (Drums, Bass line, Leads, etc.) as well as just plain forgetting to turn on some effects. Due to this I have severely changed how I interact with Live, using my mouse, synth, & Logitech key mapper so that I am not deleting or changing anything without intentionally doing it. I have almost stopped using a keyboard, most of the time it is just to input text.

I also did not check my mixes on other speakers & headphones… as of now I switch between my studio speakers & my headphones, when I am close to finishing I will test them on other various speakers/headphones. Due to not checking my mixes they were WAY too bright and the reverb sends were too loud.

Because my Drum Buss was a complete disaster I never had a chance to properly mix from the beginning, but I also hadn’t checked on my “mastering” chain and didn’t realize my exciter vst had reset itself and was making the mix even harsher… So I had “Set Myself Up To Fail” which I have talked to a lot of you about trying your best to NOT do that. Luckily I have found my errors and I am fixing them…hopefully by this weekend I will have the reworked versions up on SC.

I have to admit, I learned so much from the conception of this album, but I am ready to move onto my many other projects/songs that are still waiting to be finished.

On a positive note I have saved almost all of my personal presets to the effects I used on the album, as well as the synths that I have programmed myself. Not sure what I will do with them yet.



Dove Into The Shallow Part…

Ugh… Broke a cardinal rule and did NOT check my mixes on other sources (car, headphones, etc.) and I dearly paid the price… I went to put the live set together and upon hearing the tracks on a different pair of speakers I instantly realized my mix was WAY too sharp and the reverb was too much… Also, most of the time the leads were too loud.

My Apologies to anyone who took the time to listen to them on SC. I took them down this morning and I am already reworking the mixes. Fortunately I know what to fix and how to fix it…

Deep Into…

After a lot of work and a ton of mistakes I have the album “Deep Into The Night” finished to the point I am happy enough to get it professionally mastered as well as setting up live performances.

Now that I have a more balanced mixing technique I will start work on the remixes as well as various singles I have been wanting to get out… Most of the singles (not the remixes) will be free to download.

I am still working on getting the Twitch stream back up and reaching out to producers for various projects.

You can check out the album at: Deep Into The Night


I pretty much hid myself in the studio for a month to rewire both studios so my work flow is improved and I can easily record anything on the fly. I am putting the finishing touches on the album “Deep Into The Night” which is a World-Bass Music mash up that is more Downtempo. I am also finishing up the live set for the album after I performed a few tests shows so I could get the bugs out of the system. I will be performing way more this year and I am hoping to get another 1-2 albums out this year since my mixing/mastering has improved ten-fold and I can finish a mix with more clarity in less time and with more confidence that the songs will be close to professional quality.

Side note: I am updating my Twitch stream and should be back online in a few weeks and back on track with streaming weekly. I have deleted the old Discord and twitch bots so that I know my internet security will be at 100% and I will not have to worry about ex mods trying to screw with the show as they did in the past.