The Forgotten Ritual Of Puye

Mid Tempo Cinematic Breakbeat with Deep Spastic Basslines, Energetic Glitchy Leads, and Ethereal Vocals.

Puye is pure amalgamation of nature and man that started around the 900’s. Pueblo people came upon the high cliffs and realized the importance of this area. The stone that made up the cliff was strong, yet could be easily carved by simple tools.

Carving 173+ rooms, the Pueblo used them for sleeping, storage, and look outs for any danger. If enemies of any type were approaching the Pueblo people only need pull up their ladders to keep themselves safe.

When I composed this song I imagined being a young Pueblo child watching their tribe dance and sing around the fires at night as the endless stars shine and everything is magical at that moment.

Tradition Progression And What Lies Between

Mid Tempo Folktronica with Thick Basslines, Glitched Out Leads, and Hopeful Vocals…

Tradition Progression And What Lies Between is the 5th song from the album Deep Into The Night.

Indonesia consists of over 17,000 islands, some of them aren’t even inhabited by humans. With this much fragmented land it becomes easy for a person, group, or even a town to become withdrawn from the hustle and bustle of society as it is today.

Although Indonesia’s biggest islands are highly populated they are one of the most progressive with keeping their wilderness’s one of the most biodiverse in the world.

Due to a major increase in tourism of the islands it is becoming more and more difficult to find a balance of keeping their Islands biodiversity unchanged as more land is taken up by manmade structures.

Is it true progress if the people and the land suffer?

Tradition Progression And What Lies Between is the 5th song from the album Deep Into The Night.

As I Travel Along The Green Line

Melodic Dubstep with Heavy Bass, Folktronica Leads, and Psychedelic Vocals.

 As I Travel Along The Green Line is the 4th song from the album Deep Into The Night.

Following a 10+ year long war, In 1974 a cease fire between Turkey & Greece had begun on the island of Cyprus. To keep the factions separate a 112 mile long “demilitarized” zone was made. This line cut off access to some cities and towns and at times even cut through homes.

The demilitarized line meant that no one would could live in that area. Over the years the native vegetation and animals began to take over this unkept land leaving a green trace like line that unknowingly imitates the green line that General Young drew on the map of Cyrus with a green chinagraph pencil.